Novelties 2019 / 2020 at Rempp Kitchens

With interesting surfaces and planning details, we welcome our customers to our newly designed exhibition. Let yourself be surprised by the variety of ideas, colours, surfaces and structures.

Bremen blackwood

Cliff Beton dark - Bremen blackwood 1

Cliff beton dark - Bremen blackwood 2

Cliff Beton dark

Cliff kito bronze - Ottawa rock black - Alborg smoked oak

Cliff kito bronze 1

Cliff kito bronze

Cliff kito steel - Una saona white

Cliff kito steel detail

Cliff kito steel X-Line - Alborg copper oak

Cliff kito steel X-Line

Cliff pietra grey C-Line

Cliff pietra grey detail

Cliff pietra grey

Detail Ottawa rock black, Cliff kito bronze

handle ALSM 4.160 black

handle ALBH 4.160 bronze colour light

interior BEVAR

interior oak natural

Lech wild oak look nature - Una beige - Perth carbon gloss

Lech wild oak look nature

living area 1

living area 2

Ohio white alpin 1

Ohio white alpin

Ottawa rock black

tall unit with folding door 1

tall unit with folding door 2

tall unit with folding door 3

Toronto white alpin

Una icy white

Una saona white X-Line

wardrobe 2


work area

worktop colour cento

worktop wild oak look nature